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Indus Water Boat Safari

Indus is among the most famous great rivers in the world. It starts high in the mountains of Tibet, roof of the world & flows through Ladakh before entering Baltistan. Although in Mountains Indus flows wild & fast when it descends into the plains of Pakistan it spreads itself over a large area & slow down to a whispering crawl. Here along its sleepy banks grew the great Indus valley civilization nearly four thousand years ago & became the most advance society of that time. Along with culture & economic development the Indus valley inhabitants developed modern modes of transport including wheel carts & boats. These were so efficient that their designs are still used in these areas. Our trips take you in to that era. After reaching the banks of Indus River by camels we float down this mighty river in large wooden boats constructed on the designs developed during the Indus valley period. On our voyage we visit the communities of friendly inhabitants of this region who lead a semi nomadic life & earn their living by fishing & basket weaving. Winter also brings flocks of migratory birds which come from Siberia to breed on the shores of Indus. Apart from the birds the rare Indus blind dolphin can also seen on these trips.  


Trip Itinerary:


Day 01   Arrive Islamabad 

Day 02   Islamabad-Multan

Day 03   Multan-Taunsa               

Day 04   Boat Safari – Khar Gharbi

Day 05   Boat Safari – Ghazi Ghat

Day 06   Ghazi Ghot-Uch Sharif – Chanan Pir   

Day 07   Camel Ride to Hilo Rani

Day 08   Camel Ride to Darawar Fort

Day 09   Darawar Fort-Lal Sohanra National Park

Day 10   Lal Soanra National Park-Bahawalpur

Day 11   Back to Islamabad