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Feary Meadows Shangrila Horse Safari

Horse Safari in particular is one of the most exciting activities that you can enjoy on your tour to Pakistan. There are a number of tourist destinations that tourists travel specifically for horse and pony safaris. Experience crossing the Deosai plains on a horse back and you will realize why Pakistan is considered one of finest destinations for horse safaris. You can also enjoy horse riding in Shigar Valley, Shandur Pass and Kaghan Valley. Kaghan Valley is a beautiful destination, ideal for trekking and horse riding. The majestic mountains, beautiful waterfalls add to the scenic beauty of the valley. The ideal time to visit Kaghan Valley is from May to September. 

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Trip Itinerary:

Day 01  : Arrive Islamabad, overnight at hotel
Day 02  :

Fly to Skardu. Skardu- at an altitude of 7000 meters is the gateway to the mighty
karakoram where there are 5 of the world`s 8000 meter peaks and some of the
World`s longest glaciers outside the polar region. This flight is considered tobe one
of the most spectacular flights in the world with breath taking views of Nanga Parbat
the highest mountain of the eastern Himalayas range. (flight is Subject to weather).
Also there are views of innumerable nameless peaks. Upon arrival you will
be transferred to Yurt & Yak, our unique Mongolian resort wherein you will
experience once in a life time adventure living in a lifestyle that will take
you back to the times of Kublai Khan and Marco Polo whose chronicles wondered
at the chain of yurts throughout the Mongol kings and queens to live in comfort
as they moved around the remote corners of their empire. Afternoon visit Skardu bazaar.

Day 03 : Skardu- sightseeing. Skardu Fort. Perched halfway up the enormous Rock of Skardu,
is an easy half-hour walk up on a sloping ramp from the bazaar. Variously known
as Karpocho, Askandria or Mindoq Fort. Kharpocho was built in the times of
Ali Sher Khan Anchan once the ruler of Baltistan.
Day 04 :

Drive to Khaplu(3 hours drive). Khaplu 103 kilometers east of Skardu, is the
second-largest kingdom of Baltistanhorse-safari-trips-in-pakistan,horse safari
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hispar  and guarded the trade route to Ladakh along the Shyok River. At an altitude
of 2,560 meters, it is slightly cooler than Skardu, with enough of interest to keep
you occupied for a couple of days. A jeep road winds up through the hamlets of
Khaplu to the Raja`s Palace built 150 years ago in Tibetan style. Further up the
valley behind the palace you pass Chakchan mosque. Supposed the oldest mosque
in Baltistan. Overnight at hotel.

Day 05 Ride from Khaplu to Hanjoro- 3 hour . Overnight camp.
Day 06 Ride from Hanjoro to Ahili -2 hour . Overnight camp.
Day 07 Ride from Ahili to Saling- 6 hours. Overnight camp. 
Day 08 Saling- enjoy local music and trout fishing. We will camp by the summer retreat of
Raja of Khaplu. Overnight camp 
Day 09  Ride from Saling to Machulu, 3 hour. Overnight camping. 
Day 10  Drive back to Skardu. Overnight at hotel-Yurt & Yak.
Day 11 Drive to Satpara Lake. Drive to Satpara Lake eight kilometers south of Skardu.
This is a virgin lake. Its source is coming from mountains. There is a stunning
view north and south from the top of the ride before the lake. Overnight camping. 
Day 12 : Ride from Satpara Lake to Ali Malik. Overnight camp.
Day 13 :

Ride from Ali Malik to Deosai Lake. Deosai features rolling pastureland of rounded hills,
knee deep in summer grass and flowers, inhabited by whistling marmots and boasting
views of giant mountains in the distance. It offers gentle walking than the karakoram,
with its jagged towers of granite and narrow valleys. Overnight camp.

Day 14 : Ride from Deosai Lake to Chilam. Overnight camp.
Day 15 :

Ride from Chilam to Astor. Astor valley is the starting point for several treks The
rainfall here has averaged 501 millimeters over the past 25 years, about four
times that 
of Gilgit. En route have beautiful views of Nanga Parbat - 8125 meters high -
ranked ninth 
highest in the world and second in Pakistan after K2. The name
Nanga Parbat is Kashmiri for "
naked mountain" so called because some of its
slopes are so steep that they are bare of 
snow or vegetation. Early disasters on
Nanga Parbat gave it the nick-name Killer Mountain.Overnight camping.

Day 16 : Drive to Gilgit. Overnight at hotel.
Day 17 : Drive to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel.
Day 18  Fly to onward destination.