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Pamir Yak Caravan Safari | Shimshal Pamir Yak Safari | Yak Safari in Pakistan

    shimshal pamir hunza yak safari carvan
    shimshal pamir hunza yak safari carvan
    shimshal pamir hunza yak safari carvan

Yak is a strong domestic animal, which is using for travelling from one place to the other in the Mountains. It is a mountain animal, mostly stays on the Alpe, it is a useful animal which gives milk and beef. In the past caravan was a group of people with animal, travelling as a trader from country to the other, to fulfil their daily requirements. The yak caravan an interesting tour among the beautiful valleys and high mountains, it is a copy to those, who used to go to the summer pastures with their cattle’s, for thee or four months. It attracts the tourist and they enjoyed it very much.


Trip Itinerary: 


Day 01  : Islamabad. Welcome reception.

Day 02  : Drive to Chilas

Day 03 : Drive to Gulmit.

Day 04 : Drive to Sheve Parian, Shimshal Gorge

Day 05 : Trek to Shimshal

Day 06 : Trek to Zardgarben

Day 07Yak to Waienben

Day 08 : Yak to Jarab

Day 09 : Yak to Goz

Day 10 : Yak to Sheve Worth Lake

Day 11 : Exploration day

Day 12 : Yak Back to Waienben

Day 13 : Yak back to Gerab

Day 14 : Yak Back to Shimshal

Day 15 : Drive to Gulmit

Day 16 : Drive to Chilas

Day 17 : Drive to Islamabad