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Takht Bai , Harappa , Moenjo Daro | Archeological Sites Tour in Pakistan


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Takht Bhai, rare known as is a Parthian archaeological site in Mardan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It was first a Zoroastrian complex which, after the later arrival of Buddhism, was then converted into a Buddhist monastic complex.

Harappa is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about 24 km west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River. The current village of Harappa is 6 km from the ancient site. Although modern Harappa has a railway station left from the period of British administration, it is today just a small (pop. 15,000) crossroads town.

The site of the ancient city contains the ruins of a Bronze Age fortified city, which was part of the Cemetery H culture and the Indus Valley Civilization, centered in Sindh and the Punjab. The city is believed to have had as many as 23,500 residents, considered large for its time.

Mohenjo-Daro (also Moenjo-daro, latitude 27 degrees, 25 minutes north, longitude 67 degrees 35 minutes east), in Larkana District, Sindh, Pakistan, is the largest and most extensively excavated Indus city in Pakistan.

This city would have dominated the major trade routes and agricultural potential of the southern Indus plain, from around 2600-1900 BCE. The site was excavated over numerous seasons between 1922 through the 1930s by many different officers of the Archaeological Survey of India. In 1946 R. E. M. Wheeler undertook excavations.


Itinerary   : Suitable period: November to March


Day-01 : Arrival to Islamabad airport and sightseeing

Day-02 : Full day excursion to Taxila 

Day-03 : Drive to Peshawar, sightseeing and visits

Day-04 : Proceed to Swat via Takht-i-Bahi 

Day-05 : Visits to the sites

Day-06 : Departure for Islamabad 

Day-07 : Drive to Lahore 

Day-08 : Sightseeing of Lahore City 

Day-09 : Drive to Multan 

Day-10 : Day free for sightseeing 

Day-11 : Drive to Sukkur 

Day-12 : Proceed to Mohenjodaro 

Day-13 : Drive to Sehwan Sharif 

Day-14 : Day excursion to Manchar Lake  

Day-15 : Drive to Karachi via Thatta 6-7 hrs 

Day-16 : City Tour of Karachi 

Day-17 : Departure from Karachi