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Hindu Kush Mountain Bike / Cycle Tour | Mountain Biking in Pakistan

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To discover the region of Chitral and Hunza by bike has its own charm. We start our trip from Islamabad to Peshawar through the beautiful Swat valley up to Dir by jeep. From here one can use the own horse power. The 3118 m high Lowari Pass and the 3720 m high Shandur Pass are highlights for bikers. The Chitral valley at an elevation of 1127 m, which is between the two passes has an exotic touch. The major attractions are the Kalash valleys. A population of 3000 strong Kafir Kalash people live in the valleys of Birir, Bumburet and Rambur. The Kalash are gay people, who love music and dancing particularly on occasions of their religious festivals. After the strenuous climb to Shandur pass one can relax on the magnificent plateau. We continue our bike ride to the dark blue Punder Lake. There we should try to catch our own troutfish for dinner. The following days mean "easy biking" towards Hunza.


Trip Itinerary: 

Day 1          Arrival in Islamabad, overnight in hotel.
Day 2 Drive to Peshawar, overnight in hotel.
Day 3 Drive to Swat valley, overnight in hotel.
Day 4 Drive to Dir, overnight in hotel.
Day 5 After an early morning breakfast we start our bike trek over
the 3118 m Lowari Pass to Drosh and drive to Chitral, overnight in hotel.
Day 6 Visit to Kalash valleys (Bamburet), overnight in tent.
Day 7 Visit to Rambur and Birir, overnight in tent.
Day 8 Bike to Reshun, overnight in tent.
Day 9 Bike to Mastuj, overnight in tent.
Day 10 Bike to Shandur Pass 3720 m, overnight in tent.
Day 11 Bike to Punder Lake, overnight in tent.
Day 12 Bike to Gupis, overnight in tent.
Day 13 Bike to Gakuch, overnight in tent.
Day 14 Bike to Sher Quilla, overnight in tent.
Day 15 Bike to Gilgit, overnight in hotel.
Day 16 Bike to Hunza, overnight in hotel.
Day 17 Bike to Gulmit and Burit Lake, overnight in tent.
Day 18 Burit Lake - Karimabad, overnight in hotel.
Day 19 Drive – Gilgit, overnight in hotel.
Day 20 Gilgit – Islamabad, overnight in hotel.
Day 21 Onward flight.

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